Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas pressies!

Hey everyone, hope you've had a lovely Christmas, it seems to have gone really fast this year, all that build up and now its gone!  Now we've got New Years to go and i've said i'll make some sausage rolls and cupcakes for my friend's party!  Thanks to Daniel for getting my cupcake/muffin making set, looking really forward to using it and thanks to amy for my mince pie making set too.  My Auntie Sandra has also bought me some lovely Christmas decorations for my tree, little me to you teddies, will post a pic somewhere below if I remember, they are all there nicely on my tree and enjoying themselves!

Not been doing a lot today apart from tidying the flat etc and trying out some of my new things I got for Christmas.  Had a shower with my shower radio which was fun, was singing to Beyonce single ladies and doing that hand movement she does in the video, bet I looked a right pleb lol!  Have also had a nice couple of cups of tea in a new teapot and cup set my mama got me....

Also had a play with my mini paint set which Charlie bought me!  This pic is rubbish but was just testing out all the colours and went a bit overboard lol....

And when Charlie gets here (he's on his way) we going to head to tesco and then i'm going to attempt one of Jamie's 30 minutes meals, the meatball sandwich...

Bet it takes me a lot longer than 30 minutes though hahaha!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas log!

Check it out, my first attempt at making a Christmas chocolate log, quite pleased with myself actually!  I've made it for peeps at work because we all said we'd bring something in during the last week of Christmas at work!  Some people are baking (which I stupidly agreed to) and some people are just buying stuff (which I kinda wished i'd decided to do haha).

I ate that end bit that looks a bit scruffy because that is where it ripped but it did taste nice I have to admit!  Also I cut the holly from a bush outside....washed the holly don't worry haha!

Friday, 10 December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Hi everybody, getting more into the Christmas spirit today, prob coz I had the day off work but have had a nice day with Charlie, been to the Christmas Markets in town, had a German burger and a pint, very nice and then came home to put the tree up, you like?

We also went to Tesco and did a bit of shopping, got mama another pressie, she going to be spoilt this year haha! 

Drinking wine now and listening to Christmas songs on Spotify! 

Here are some pics from the Christmas Markets also...

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Songs and Films

I did actually start listening to Christmas songs around the end of November HAHA but now it really isn't too early so here are a few of my faves....

Spaceman came travelling - Chris De Burgh

Now a lot of people diss this song and probably don't even think it is christmassy but I love it, and it went la la la la la la la la heehee.  Love it when he gets right into it (4 mins and 28 into it) too, I think I always sing the wrong words though haha!

Let it Snow - Dean Martin

Not that I want it to snow anymore but I do love this song, and I got me some corn for poppin!  LOL!

And Christmas films, I think my fave Christmas film ever is Home Alone and of course Home Alone 2.  Enjoy some little clips I managed to dig out on youtube....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAlHIbPvtcw&feature=related Home Alone 1 - never seen this before, didn't know they did a little song for it!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_An3W-oO2k This what the film that really made me want to go to New York!

PS.  I will admit I did have a thing for Macaulay Culkin when I was younger HAHA!  *whispers* still do a bit actually!


I have and I haven't enjoyed the snow this year!  Probably because I had to go work when a lot of people couldn't get in.  I guess that was probably my own fault for staying at my boyfriend Charlie's flat because he lives within walking distance to where I work.  If I had been at my own flat I wouldn't have been able to get a bus and had a day off.  I have heard though that people who haven't been able to get in won't be getting paid though or have to take as holiday so at least i'll be getting paid and don't have to waste a holiday for it.

I managed to get home Friday night and seeing as I didn't get to play much in the snow I did manage to build a little snowman on my window ledge....

What do you think? He's very tiny (and probably melted by now) but I gave him eyes, nose, mouth and buttons with a pen, a scarf out of a piece of wool AND a little hat made out of the bottom of an old sock haha....maybe I am quite creative after all!

This was me walking to work in the snow, my feet are under there somewhere, can't believe how deep it was!

And this pic was taken up near where I live (when I managed to get home)...

Sorry the pics aren't that good quality - I took them on my mobile phone!

I know it sounds grumpy but i'm really glad it is melting now, causes such disruption and chaos that i'll be glad to see the back of it!

First blog

Hey peepsons, this is my first blog on here, thought I might as well join seeing as my mum and auntie have blogs on here too.  They are the crazy crafters, well mum has called herself Crazy Crafter and my Auntie Sandra has a blog called Sandra's Place.  They are both very talented card makers, I wish I had the patience and know how to make good cards like that.

Anyhoo, just watching the snow melt...and a bit of The Simpsons!

Chat laters x