Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas pressies!

Hey everyone, hope you've had a lovely Christmas, it seems to have gone really fast this year, all that build up and now its gone!  Now we've got New Years to go and i've said i'll make some sausage rolls and cupcakes for my friend's party!  Thanks to Daniel for getting my cupcake/muffin making set, looking really forward to using it and thanks to amy for my mince pie making set too.  My Auntie Sandra has also bought me some lovely Christmas decorations for my tree, little me to you teddies, will post a pic somewhere below if I remember, they are all there nicely on my tree and enjoying themselves!

Not been doing a lot today apart from tidying the flat etc and trying out some of my new things I got for Christmas.  Had a shower with my shower radio which was fun, was singing to Beyonce single ladies and doing that hand movement she does in the video, bet I looked a right pleb lol!  Have also had a nice couple of cups of tea in a new teapot and cup set my mama got me....

Also had a play with my mini paint set which Charlie bought me!  This pic is rubbish but was just testing out all the colours and went a bit overboard lol....

And when Charlie gets here (he's on his way) we going to head to tesco and then i'm going to attempt one of Jamie's 30 minutes meals, the meatball sandwich...

Bet it takes me a lot longer than 30 minutes though hahaha!


  1. Only just seen your posting pumpkin.... Hope you enjoyed the cuppa from your new teapot... I can just imagine you dancing and singing to beyonce. I still have your singing and dancing on video from years ago with carly in your bedroom. I know you didn't make it to your party as you've not been well, but hoping you are feeling better now. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Lotsalove from mamma xoxox

  2. i did enjoy the cuppa, got nearly 3 cups of tea out of that baby! lol yep i'm still just as daft dancing away like a loon, i swear if there was a helen camera here it would be quite funny of me doing silly things!
    i am lot better now thanks and thanks for looking after me and taking me to the doctors x