Sunday, 5 December 2010

First blog

Hey peepsons, this is my first blog on here, thought I might as well join seeing as my mum and auntie have blogs on here too.  They are the crazy crafters, well mum has called herself Crazy Crafter and my Auntie Sandra has a blog called Sandra's Place.  They are both very talented card makers, I wish I had the patience and know how to make good cards like that.

Anyhoo, just watching the snow melt...and a bit of The Simpsons!

Chat laters x


  1. Well hello daughter, welcome to blogland, you do realise that you will have to start being creative now, give us something to look at... Anyway pumpkin nice to have you aboard and look forward to seeing your creative side..
    Lotsalove Mum xoxox

  2. Well it may not be cards I will make but I do impress myself with the little things I do create...the snowman for instance lol!

    It will be nice to keep in touch with you and Sandra through this too because neither of you two have a facebook!