Friday, 10 December 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Hi everybody, getting more into the Christmas spirit today, prob coz I had the day off work but have had a nice day with Charlie, been to the Christmas Markets in town, had a German burger and a pint, very nice and then came home to put the tree up, you like?

We also went to Tesco and did a bit of shopping, got mama another pressie, she going to be spoilt this year haha! 

Drinking wine now and listening to Christmas songs on Spotify! 

Here are some pics from the Christmas Markets also...


  1. Very nice tree, you look like you been having good time, cute looking hat..... I'm sat up in bed watching god knows how many years of coronation street. Poor Ashley... but there was no need for all that screaming from fizz, Been good hasn't it... just wondering whether to go meadowhell tomorrow. I mite try the markets down town next week..see ya sunday whatever we do.... xoxoxoxox Mum

  2. glad you like the tree mum, it looks great with some added decorations this year, i'm trying to build up a collection! we watched loads of corrie the other night lol. i knew you would be hating all that screaming from fizz, i hated it too, nearly turned it off just coz of that! meadowhell? bloody hell, go careful! yea the markets are quite nice, thought they might be a bit better though! looking forward to sunday.

    confused to why you haven't got my e-mails, they haven't come back to me and are in my sent itesm!

  3. Tell Charlie to put my number in his mobile, so he knows who it is... He does right though not to talk to strangers. lol. xoxox Mum

  4. HAHA, its ok we've done it now. He told me what he'd put and I was like, CHARLIE!!! Anyhoo looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, what time were you thinking? If we see Narnia in 3d Charlie said we could swing by his flat and nick the 3d glasses if we get chance! Love you lots.
    PS. I've made some sausage rolls so bring a little lunchbox if you want some xxx

  5. Send me a sausage roll, LOL. Tree looks great, and you sound like you've had a great day. Hope to see you soon, lots of love Sandra x

  6. i'm going to make some more soon sandra so will defo send you some! hope you're all ok, love you lots x