Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Songs and Films

I did actually start listening to Christmas songs around the end of November HAHA but now it really isn't too early so here are a few of my faves....

Spaceman came travelling - Chris De Burgh

Now a lot of people diss this song and probably don't even think it is christmassy but I love it, and it went la la la la la la la la heehee.  Love it when he gets right into it (4 mins and 28 into it) too, I think I always sing the wrong words though haha!

Let it Snow - Dean Martin

Not that I want it to snow anymore but I do love this song, and I got me some corn for poppin!  LOL!

And Christmas films, I think my fave Christmas film ever is Home Alone and of course Home Alone 2.  Enjoy some little clips I managed to dig out on youtube.... Home Alone 1 - never seen this before, didn't know they did a little song for it! This what the film that really made me want to go to New York!

PS.  I will admit I did have a thing for Macaulay Culkin when I was younger HAHA!  *whispers* still do a bit actually!


  1. Hey!!!! I can't keep up........... whoa girl xoxo

  2. you like little gizmo? he got a little christmas hat on haha!

  3. Yea he's really cute..Your blog doesn't appear with a name down side of mine, I know it's called (helen rocks) but it doesn't come up as that, it just says (my blog)Also any chance of getting rid of word verification I think it's on settings xoxox

  4. yea i noticed that too - will take a look at the word verification xxx