Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas log!

Check it out, my first attempt at making a Christmas chocolate log, quite pleased with myself actually!  I've made it for peeps at work because we all said we'd bring something in during the last week of Christmas at work!  Some people are baking (which I stupidly agreed to) and some people are just buying stuff (which I kinda wished i'd decided to do haha).

I ate that end bit that looks a bit scruffy because that is where it ripped but it did taste nice I have to admit!  Also I cut the holly from a bush outside....washed the holly don't worry haha!


  1. Finally got internet and phone working, and well worth it to see your Christmas Log.....

  2. glad you like it mama, was quite impressed with myself i have to say, will take a while to perfect it though!