Sunday, 5 December 2010


I have and I haven't enjoyed the snow this year!  Probably because I had to go work when a lot of people couldn't get in.  I guess that was probably my own fault for staying at my boyfriend Charlie's flat because he lives within walking distance to where I work.  If I had been at my own flat I wouldn't have been able to get a bus and had a day off.  I have heard though that people who haven't been able to get in won't be getting paid though or have to take as holiday so at least i'll be getting paid and don't have to waste a holiday for it.

I managed to get home Friday night and seeing as I didn't get to play much in the snow I did manage to build a little snowman on my window ledge....

What do you think? He's very tiny (and probably melted by now) but I gave him eyes, nose, mouth and buttons with a pen, a scarf out of a piece of wool AND a little hat made out of the bottom of an old sock haha....maybe I am quite creative after all!

This was me walking to work in the snow, my feet are under there somewhere, can't believe how deep it was!

And this pic was taken up near where I live (when I managed to get home)...

Sorry the pics aren't that good quality - I took them on my mobile phone!

I know it sounds grumpy but i'm really glad it is melting now, causes such disruption and chaos that i'll be glad to see the back of it!


  1. Ann said...
    Well hello daughter, welcome to blogland, you do realise that you will have to start being creative now, give us something to look at... Anyway pumpkin nice to have you aboard and look forward to seeing your creative side..
    Lotsalove Mum xoxox

    I put this on the first blog and realised you mite not see it, so copied and pasted it onto this. xoxo

  2. HAHA, I did see it but good idea, i'm very impressed with your computer skills now, you've made ur blog look great!

  3. Hello my lovely niece, and welcome to blog land. Looking forward to seeing your creative skills.Loving the little photo of muguie with his Santa hat, he reminds me of Oscar. You look all wrapped up for the snow, and what a cute little snowman you've made.Do you remember Martha, that you made with Daniel? Lots of love from your fave Auntie Sandra x

  4. aw thanks sandra, i may be getting into knitting next year so you may see some of my disasters haha.

    oh yes martha, that was brilliant and such a great day, remember when someone knocked its head off and daniel went in the street chucking snow about and shouting WHY? on top of his voice hhahaha!